Executive Market Mapping

Executive Market Mapping

It is very important to have substitutes for executives within the companies. An executive that you have been working with for a long time can suddenly resign and change companies. Unless you have a trustable and eligible substitute for that person, your only remedy is to recruit a new person from outside the company.

Chronos Consulting is an international consulting company that has implemented many successful projects on recruiting and executive search all over the world. We can certainly say that recruiting is our job. Based on our global experience, we would like to indicate that middle and top level employees have a direct effect on the success of the companies. Under these circumstances, it is

crucial to fill these positions with the right people. Although sometimes you can fill these positions very quickly, there are times that it takes up to several months. Throughout that time, along with the vacancy of the position, there is the uncertainty about when and from where the new executive would be found.

If you do not already have the substitutes for the executives/directors of the critical positions, please think for a moment. What would you do if that executive has announced his/her immediate resignation? Right at this point, we would like to remind top management of the companies about our Executive Market Mapping service.

While your key people are still working with you, we offer you a service to search discreetly for the available people in your business sector whose skills and attributes match your requirements.

Moreover, you may have intentions to expand into a new market or geographical location and want to understand the local talent pool, before deciding whether to conduct an Executive Search locally or expatriate a manager for these executive jobs.