EOR/PEO & Payroll Services

Hiring and employing internationally is complicated. Employer of Record services is a revolutionary new employment model, eliminating the need for an entity or the risk of using an independent contractor when expanding overseas.

We help global companies deal with payroll, taxes, visas, and immigration through our Employer of Record services for expand globally, simply and compliantly.

If you are embarking on expanding in a country where you need professional payroll service or maybe you don’t have any local business entity, than you need our Employer of Record (EOR) payroll services to be able to hire employees in a compliant and legal manner.

Our EOR services are designed to accommodate small and also large employee counts for any length of time thanks to our processes being automated on Chronos Workflow Platform.

We operate our own licensed business entities in these countries. Our local experts and staff are in full compliance with regulations, speak local languages on a native level and can advise you on best practices when it comes to full cost of employment including payroll tax, social and special benefit costs.

Your business will be handled by a dedicated Account Manager and an account Team of tax, payroll and compliance professionals. Local employees will enjoy an efficient onboarding process and you can rest assured that your workforce is being managed legally, professionally and in full compliance with local laws.

We specialize in managing benefits, payroll and human resources, allowing our clients to focus on their real business priorities. We give our clients a proven way to contain costs, minimize risk and relieve our client’s administrative burden.

Our unrivalled knowledge and commitment to customer service means clients see improved service and cost savings, leaving them free focus on more critical core business activities.

Clients simply define the level of services they need, ranging from traditional basic payroll processing through to fully managed payroll services, leaving the rest to us.

Our expert consultants will help you define your business requirements, making your processes more efficient and compliant the changing legislation.

Whether it is a complete company formation or employment of a single person overseas, our creative and innovative approach ensures all our clients receive a cost effective, reliable and compliant solution.

With our EOR Services:

We guarantee full manage of a company’s international payroll and benefits distribution, employee onboarding, HR duties, and legal and tax compliance.

We mitigate risk by taking responsibility for the hiring and administrative processes.

We save your business time and money by skipping foreign entity setup or additional state registrations.