Photo of wind turbines promoting jobs in renewable energy sector

According to a report prepared by International Renewable Energy Agency,  right now more than 10 million people work in the renewable energy sector.

That’s great news for our environment, but also for everyone worried that shutting fossil fuel power plants will cause a net loss of jobs. Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review showed that 60% of jobs in this sector are based in Asia, other leading countries are Brazil, the US and Germany.

We are very interested in this booming sector of industry. The number of new career opportunities in renewable energy grows not only in the countries mentioned above.  In Poland,  we have recently opened four interesting recruitment processes from an international clean energy company. Check out our new job offers:

Lead Auditor

Global Finance Controller

Purchasing Specialist

Planning Specialist

Find out more details, apply and join our client on the Polish seaside, Szczecin.

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