How to procrastinate at work like a pro

Friday evening, 2 more hours left to start the weekend. Let’s face it: you won’t do anything productive. There’s this big task left to be done, but you just can’t bring yourself to start working on it. Sounds familiar? Or do you feel a bit bad about checking Facebook all over again and not getting any serious work done? Don’t worry, you can procrastinate somehow ethically at work. 
Disclaimer: Of course, procrastinating is not the best way of living, although I’m sure you won’t battle it in two hours just after reading one blog post. Here’s our list of what you can do instead:
1. Go for a short walk
Sitting down motionless for 8 hours is unnatural and simply unhealthy: it reduces blood circulation and increase the risk for the buildup of plaques in the arteries, diabetes, depression and obesity. Try to walk at least 5 minutes every hour to lift your mood and improve your focus.
2. Read some articles
Explore popular ones in your field and keep up with the latest news and stay current. Staying up-to-date with current events and trends is crucial for any professional. Then you can share what you’ve read about on your LinkedIn profile to build your personal brand and simply exchange views with your network.
3. Organize your desk
If you need it: maybe you’re lucky to be a tidy person. If not, take a minute to declutter your workspace. Clean desk will help you to focus and keeps you on task. 
4. Make a list 
Help the next-week-you: create a list of tasks you want to accomplish the following week. If the big tasks are what makes you procrastinate, try dividing it into smaller tasks and write everything down. The huge, scary project will look more doable. You can also make a list of your last achievements, no matter if work-related or personal. It will brighten your mood and make you feel more confident.
5. Procrastinate over tips on how to stop procrastinating
Do you want to know how to beat this annoying habit of putting off important things until the last possible minute? Say no more, here’s a list of interesting resources on procrastination:
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