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Topside Inspection Technician (Pressure Vessels and Piping)

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Topside Inspection Technician (Pressure Vessels and Piping)

Location: Nigeria
We are a strong local player, providing specialised recruitment services for oil and gas operators in Nigeria.
The company provides Manpower solutions.
Assist the Client Topside Inspection Head in defining Scope of work related to yearly inspection of pressure vessels and piping
Ensure coordination with support entities for campaign preparation
Follow-up the Inspection Works performed by Inspection Contractors
Perform Inspection Works himself / herself, as required. in accordance with own level of Certification,
Maintain Databases as-required
Review reports and ensure Notifications related to integrity are raised and closed in a timely manner
Provide Technical Assistance and Support to the Offshore Staff
Ensures coordination with Logistic and materials staff about material procurement, transportation to/from site, material issues from stock, etc.
Engineering technician with emphasis on mechanics, materials, metallurgy and corrosion.
Minimum 5 years’ experience in inspection of pressure vessels and piping in the Oil & Gas industry
Knowledge of materials, metallurgy, welding, corrosion, failure modes, Non Destructive Testing and inspection techniques.

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