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Technical Account Manager, Mobile Internet

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Job Description

Our client is a global provider of intelligent mobile Internet solutions that enable operators to improve quality, reduce network operational expenses and manage and monetize the mobile Internet.

Experience & Knowledge
· Proven work experience as a Technical account manager
· Proven experience as technical manager
· Solid technical background with hands on experience with Mobile Operators
· Proven project management experience gained in a telecommunications environment
· Managing complex implementation projects within large mobile operators
· Familiarity with software solutions, IP networks, Linux, Cellular Networks
· An ability to gasp customers’ needs and suggest timely solutions
· Excellent verbal and written communication skills
· Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
· Proven project management experience gained in a telecommunications environment
· BSC (or higher) Engineering degree.
· Fluent English
· IP networks, Cellular topology.
· Good understanding of operating system concepts (UNIX and Windows).
· Previous hand-on technical experience is a big advantage

Skills and Personality
Strong interpersonal and communication skills
Strong administrative, time management and self-organizational skills
TAM should understand the technology being used to understand and question requests coming from specialists and technical staff and to evaluate what is reasonable or possible
Strong presentation skills of complex projects
Strong capabilities to manage crises and escalation
Ability to quickly learn new technologies
High level of working ability with MS Office products including, Project, Excel, PowerPoint and Word
Team player, Excellent interpersonal skills
Able to work under pressure
Customer oriented
Excellent priority/time management skills
Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment

Job Description
Technical account managers are responsible for managing all technical aspects of a company’s relationship with its customers. They work closely with the sales and business account management team to win new business and increase sales to existing customers. By providing top-quality technical service before and after a sale, technical account managers help to ensure customer satisfaction and strengthen customer relationships

After-Sales Support
When customers have agreed to purchase a product, technical account managers identify the services and support customers will need to make effective and productive use of products. They require project management skills to put together installation programs that minimize disruption for customers. They may also arrange training for customers’ users. Technical account managers monitor the progress of product installations to ensure that they are successful.

Ongoing Support
Technical account managers are responsible for managing the ongoing support to customers to confirm that they continue to make effective use of products. They monitor support requests to identify any recurring issues and may recommend changes to products. They hold regular review meetings with customers to discuss any issues or problems and provide reports to the other members of the account team. Technical account managers analyze customers’ support requirements and identify areas where the company can offer improved service or reduce support costs.

Product Development
By monitoring product performance and associated support needs, technical account managers identify opportunities to upgrade or modify products so that they meet customers’ needs more effectively. They provide reports on product performance to the development team and advise customers on new products or upgrades that may be suitable for their business.

· Provide technical support for customers to support pre-sales and post-sales processes
· Address all product-related queries on time
· Train customers to use products effectively
· Provide developers with customers’ feedback to help identify potential new features or products
· Report on product performance
· Identify solutions to reduce support costs
· Analyze customers’ needs and suggest upgrades or additional features to meet their requirements
· Liaise with the sales department to win new business and increase sales
· Establish best practices
· Keep track of sales performance metrics


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