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Senior AWS Solution Engineer Budapest

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Required Skills:

Job Description

We are looking a senior software engineer for cloud and IoT solution developments. You will work as a dedicated team member of Chronos Systems Hungary and for our client’s development projects in Hungary. You’ll join to an experienced team of software developers, AWS solution engineers and DevOps specialist to impact our client’s operation and their IoT tools and be empowered to deliver web and cloud services. Currently, our client also works remotely, home-office based.


  • Front-end web developments (for applications hosted on AWS using AWS modules; on-prem apps)
  • Development and sustainment of the related SQL server, PostgreSQL
  • Building planned application concepts (on-prem server applications and directly to AWS)
  • Not mission critical (some data process and DB development from test edge device feedback; process to cloud; not mission critical)

Required skills:

  • Experience in front-end developments – Python, Javascript, C (4+ years)
  • Understanding of AWS modules (like IoT Core / Greengrass / python for lambda)
  • Experience in web development and related technologies (RESTful API)
  • PostgreSQL or any other SQL / SQL server knowledge

Nice to have:

  • Amazon DynamoDB experience
  • NodeJS platform
  • Experience with message queues (e.g. mqtt, zigbbe) and task managers
  • Experience with hardware tools and iOS (like Raspberry Pi / Xbee / Espressif, etc)


  • A Bachelor’s degree or OKJ qualification in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related technical discipline (without a degree a proven track record of work experience in AWS)
  • Language skills: Hungarian and English (for daily written and oral communication).
  • Understanding, knowledge and flexibility to catch up for web and internet technologies
  • Analytical skills; commitment to deliver great software and releasings.
  • Proactive personality.

What we offer:

  • Employment contract (full-time, undefinite period) or task-based contractor assignment.
  • Competitive salary and year-end bonuses.
  • HW provided (notebook).
  • Travel allowance (if later working on a home-office & office presence combined work).
  • Opportunity for learning into the latest and innovative cloud technology and services environment.
  • Young, dynamic team.

Working location: currently working only from home-office surely until 01/Sep/2020, then combined home-office and on-prem in Veresegyhaz as to be discussed

Preferred start date: August / early Sep, 2020.


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