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Merchandise Analyst

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Merchandise Analyst

Location: Cardiff

To collate and analyse departmental and company performance data to assist Senior Management in making tactical and strategic decisions; to liaise closely with the Finance department to ensure integrity of cross-departmental information.

Responsibilities / Objectives:

1.Work closely alongside Heads of Merchandising as the central conduit in cross-departmental communication.

2.Collate and prepare weekly reports including:

WSSIs; WSSI Summary Report – to provide the Departments and Company with a forward view of Stock, Commitment, Sales, and Markdown

Terminal Stock Report; Seasonal WSSIs – to provide Departmental and Company information in respect of the seasonal mix of its Stock, Commitment, and Sales

3.Collate and prepare ad hoc company analysis for Senior Management/Directors, as required.

4.Construct seasonal/annual departmental Budget targets.

5.Maintain integrity of Budgetary information in the merchandise planning system.

6.Summarise and analyse Markdown and Promotional activity, ensuring all sales files are correct in Aptos and published on InTouch.

7.Maintenance/amendment of Existing analyst owned Business Objects reports, as and when business requirements change.


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