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Loss Prevention Engineer

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Job Description

Minimum 12 years experience

Supervise/prepare HAZID/ENVID, HAZOP, FRA, SIL, Bow tie analysis, PHSER, EIA etc.
Prepare/Review Inquiry Requisitions, Technical Bid Evaluations of third party project safety reviews and ensure procurement according to project specifications and within budgeted cost.
Organise and participate in project safety reviews i.e. HAZID/ENVID, HAZOP, HFE review SIL, Bow tie analysis, PHSER etc.
Review of HSE reports such as HAZID, HAZOP, FRA, QRA, CFD Blast analysis, Smoke & Gas dispersion studies, Fire & Gas Mapping Studies etc.
Organise and lead internal project safety reviews i.e. HAZID/ENVID, HAZOP, SIL, etc.
Prepare/Review HSE Designs Philosophies, Fire and Gas Philosophy, HAZOP & HAZID reports, FRA, Consequence Analysis Reports, Fire and Explosion Reports, Risk assessment Reports, Emergency Evacuation analysis, Flare radiation analysis, noise studies and other risk assessment reportsa


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