The parliament of Poland, the Seym passed a law on helping Ukrainian citizens in connection with the armed conflict.

Work on the law act are not finished yet. The new solutions  enter into force on the date of their publication in the Journal of Laws and will apply retroactively from February 24, 2022. However, we do not know when the act will be published.

At the moment, the law provides that Ukrainian citizens who have left their homeland as a result of Russian aggression will be able to legally stay in Poland for 18 months. This rule applies to Ukrainians who entered Poland after February 24 as refugees as well as their spouse of other Nationality.

PESEL Number

In the PESEL register, a new category for designating a foreigner will be introduced – „UKR”, in order to specify the PESEL numbers of persons to whom the number has been assigned under a special procedure – without indicating the legal basis for granting the PESEL number. In order to facilitate access to public online services, it is anticipated that Ukrainian citizens will be able to obtain a trusted profile (Electronic signature for signing documents submitted to authorities on-line) with the assignment of a PESEL number.


Access to the labour market

Access to the Polish labour market for Ukrainian citizens and registration with the labour office will be guaranteed.

To use this solution, the employer will have to notify the competent labour office via within 7 days that work has been entrusted to a foreigner.



Each citizen of Ukraine legally residing in Poland will have guaranteed access to the public health care system, on the same terms as Polish citizens.


Ukrainian students who escaped from the war will be able to continue their education at Polish universities.

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