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New MedTech positions open !

Zuruch. Chronos Consulting has been engaged to find many key individuals in the MedTech sector throughout the USA, Germany and Switzerland. Check out the offers under MedTech jobs in the jobs by sector section.


Breaking News !

Chronos Group signs with one of Taiwan's leading technology conglomerates !


New SAP positions open !

The Chronos Group has been engaged to find key SAP consultants in USA, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and France. 


Recruitment Consultant Engineering positions open

The Chronos Group is searching for Recruitment Consultants with an Engineering background in Poland, Czech, Hungary, Germany, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for info.


Breaking News

Chronos Group wins major RPO to place General Managers in pubs across UK !


New wins in Scandinavia for Chronos Group

Chronos Consulting has been awarded a long term RPO with the region's largest forestry group.