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Area Field Operator

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Job Description

Area Field Operator

Location: Bahrain
Operates any major equipment or facility related to the processing, storage and transportation of petroleum products or the generation and distribution of utilities, in the assigned operating area in accordance with established procedures.
  1. Ensure compliance to Health and Safety Standards.
  2. Takes corrective action for process adjustments to unit variables in accordance with standard operating instructions to ensure maximum product yield.
  3. Initiate emergency action to shutdown equipment as necessary by applying emergency procedure for isolating and security unit equipment for safe operations.
  4. Perform required tests, check Laboratory results and adjusts unit conditions per standard techniques to ensure that the products are on specifications
  5. Prepares equipment for maintenance by ensuring isolation of equipment as per operating instruction and established safety standards.
  6. Performs a thorough routine check of the unit and associated equipment for the efficient operation.




Minimum Job Requirement: 
  • A Diploma or Bachelor Degree in Chemical , Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above for a Diploma and 2.0 or above for a Bachelor Degree.
  • Above average communication skills in English.
Eligibility Requirements: 
  • Willingness to work shifts.
  • Capable of working in an outside environment performing physical tasks (such as climbing ladders and operating valves),
  • Must be capable of working at heights.

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