Chronos Group in Poland


Why Coberon is such a succesful company?

We are small company based in Warsaw but we work with great strength throughout Poland. For example we are very successful in Szczecin in cooperation with wind enegry companies, we support green energy because we believe it’s our future. Moreover we don’t specialize in only one field, we have been recruiting for many years in IT, payrolling, packaging industry, logistics and much more all over the country. We are not only limited to Polish companies we also support international corporations. From Poland we cooperate with Israeli, UK and Scandinavian companies with succesful results.

The Polish job matket is a very important sector of the national economy.

If you are looking for an recruitment agency that would accpet many challenges, we are here to help.

If you want to get more information about how we work in Poland, Contact Coberon Poland Today!


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