Payroll services

  • Full administration
  • Calculating payroll and tax obligations
  • Special benefit plans and tax calculations
  • Providing management reports
  • Employer of Record services


If you are embarking on expanding in a country where you need professional payroll service or maybe you don’t have any local business entity, than you need our Employer of Record (EOR) payroll services to be able to hire employees in a compliant and legal manner.

Our EOR services are designed to accommodate small and also large employee counts for any length of time thanks to our processes being automated on Chronos Workflow Platform. 

We operate our own licensed business entities in these countries. Our local experts and staff are in full compliance with regulations, speak local languages on a native level and can advise you on best practices when it comes to full cost of employment including payroll tax, social and special benefit costs.

Your business will be handled by a dedicated Account Manager and an account Team of tax, payroll and compliance professionals. Local employees will enjoy an efficient onboarding process and you can rest assured that your workforce is being managed legally, professionally and in full compliance with local laws. 

Coberon-Chronos Group currently provides these services in the following countries:

EUROPE                         MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA    THE AMERICAS                ASIA                    
Austria Israel Argentina Philippines
Hungary Turkey Brazil South Korea
Czech Republic Iraq Canada Singapore
Denmark Iran Chile  
Estonia Morocco Mexico  
Germany South Africa United States of America  
United Kingdom 



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