Geoscientist Digital Rock Specialist


 Chronos Consultings ( client seeks a Digital Rock Specialist
You will hold a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, Geology, Geophysics, or Physics. An advanced degree is preferred, and will reduce prerequisite work experience stated below by one year for master’s degree and two years for a Ph.D.
The candidate will have 7 years experience as a Geoscientist/Petrophysicist, including at least 5 years working with challenging 3D tomography issues, preferably related to reservoir evaluation and/or flow simulation. Suitable applicants will have a proven track record in a relevant discipline as evidenced by previous work such as publications in peer-reviewed scientific literature/conferences.
Other desirable skills include:
Familiarity with pore-scale modeling.
Expertise in acquisition, QC, and use of core-derived petrophysical properties.
Hands-on experience with advanced image analysis software (Avizo, Mango, Morphy, etc.).
Programming experience (Linux codes, Python, etc.)
Expertise in log analysis, including calibration with cores and analogues, on exploratory and multiwell, field-wide petrophysical models.
A strong working knowledge of wireline tool responses.
Ability to work in a team.
Excellent communication skills.
Fluent in written and spoken English.
Duties & Responsibilities:
The focus of this role is the processing and digital analysis of 3D microCT image data to provide support for operational decisions. Responsibilities include: 
Analyzing, QCing, processing, and performing 3D image analysis.
Integration of 3D tomograms with SEM images.
Calibration and integration with lab results, e.g., CCAL, SCAL, MICP, and XRF.
Interpretation and synthesis of rock properties.
Development of pore-scale numerical simulations and structural model development.
Collaborating effectively with other team members within a multidisciplinary group. 
Prepare/review reports.
Ongoing collaboration with industry leaders on the evolution of new microCT techniques and technologies.
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