Downstream Market Analyst


Chronos Consulting ( client seeks a Downstream Market Analyst
The successful applicant will have worked in investment banking or management consulting in support of the evaluation and execution of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), restructuring, divestitures, and raising capital in leading international companies. 
The candidate will have been involved in conducting industry research and analysis, analyzing financial statements, preparing related company information briefs (teasers), information memoranda (IM) for corporate management, and other marketing materials. 
You will have been involved with many aspects of transactions, including experience in building presentations and materials for corporate management. This experience shall have involved working on international projects along with interfacing routinely with international companies.
Minimum Requirements:
As the successful candidates you will hold a bachelors’ degree in business administration, economics, accounting, engineering or its equivalent. MBA or CFA preferred. 
You will have a minimum of 5+ years of experience, be highly knowledgeable in business development, mergers and acquisitions, and have solid experience in analyzing venturing activities such as commercialization, spin-offs, or joint venturing.
Duties & Responsibilities:
The incumbent will collect data on industry, market place, competitors, and consolidate information into actionable items, reports, and presentations. 
You will review major peer group company quarterly performances, investor presentations, and provide consolidated information, and perspective.
Other duties include centralizing transaction repository, and analytics for peer group companies. Provide regular market information, and industry outlook for all products within the Downstream strategic portfolio. The candidate will develop and update potential target perspectives, and marketing materials for initial evaluations, and work with company stakeholders on outlook activities to ensure internal alignment.
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