Chronos Consulting's (www.chronosconsulting.com) client seeks Unconventional Simulation Engineers
As a Simulation Engineer in an unconventional asset you will support the multidisciplinary team using your experience in numerical reservoir simulations that incorporate key components of dynamic models that come from other subsurface disciplines. You will have experience in utilizing the results of dynamic reservoir models to provide answers to key development decisions that impact unconventional well and field performance. You will also be very familiar with dynamic model limitations and be able to make recommendations on methods for improving simulation such as additional data gathering, testing, monitoring, and research.
Minimum Requirements:
As the successful candidate you will have a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering. An advanced degree is preferred.You will have 10 years of experience with at least 2-5 years in unconventional plays including shale or tight gas, with some U.S. experience in unconventional hydrocarbon basins required. Other desirable skills include hands-on experience in black oil, compositional and thermal simulation of conventional and unconventional oil and gas fields, proficient in the use of software such as Eclipse, Petrel RE, PVTi, and other commercial reservoir simulation tools, particularly the new unconventional simulators; experience in single-well and multiple-well modeling, stress analysis, and nodal analysis is preferred.
Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:• Perform reservoir simulation work requiring application of standard and unconventional techniques, procedures, and criteria in carrying out a sequence of engineering tasks. 
• Design modeling strategies for single well and multiple well cases incorporating fracture information and based on other objectives of the Unconventional team.
• Build representative dynamic models of unconventional reservoirs, both single well and multiple well, to assist in developing unconventional production concepts and full-field development planning.
• Deliver production profile reservoir models including uncertainty envelopes on those profiles.
• Provide risk mitigation methodologies, along with the rest of the unconventional multidisciplinary team, to ensure robust delivery of the company’s business plan. 
• Make recommendations for requirements for wells and well designs for new wells based on results from reservoir simulation models. 
• Provide input for field development plans for unconventional resource plays.
• Work closely with the multidisciplinary team in planning and conducting field studies.
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